In an area as large as Greater Houston the need for a training school for preachers, teachers, and church leaders has long been apparent. In the fall of 1966 brother Tex Stevens, then minister of the church of Christ in Lindale, began the Houston Preacher Education School with twenty-six students meeting for classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The instructors were preachers from congregations in the greater Houston area. Leonard Driskell, then at the Southside church of Christ, and Louie White of Pearland were the first instructors. Over the years Paul Eubanks, Ron Hill, Al Brown, Levi Gentry and a host of others have instructed in the school.

    In 1982 under the direction of Gerald Bennett, the minister for the church of Christ in Lindale, the name was changed to the Greater Houston School of Biblical Studies. This was done in order to stress the fact that we are trying to serve in the helping of every area of the work of the church. Areas in which both men and women serve. Also we want to meet the need to train teachers both men and women in their knowledge of God's word that they may be able to do a more effective work in their local congregations.

    This has proven to be a very effective ministry. Over the years five men have completed the whole curriculum and graduated from the school: Bobby Mize, Jamie Duplichan, Dalton Arrington, Charles Mize and Holland Roberts. To the best of our knowledge twenty-eight of the men who have attended the school have gone on to full time preaching schools or have preached part-time and full-time for congregations of the Lord's Church.

    The school has been in existence for over twenty years. Our track record is a good one. The elders of the church of Christ in Lindale should be commended for the way that they have continued to support the school over the years.

    Classes meet each Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7:00 P.M. for ten weeks. The first ten-week session of the year begins the first Tuesday after Labor Day in September. There is a break week between each ten-week session. The curriculum is set up in such a way that a person could successfully complete all of the classes in a four-year period. Every book of the Bible is covered along with a few important Bible related subjects such as Christian Evidences, Hermeneutics (How To Study The Bible), Teaching and Preaching.

    There is a need for students to register at least one week early for the classes in order for us to be able to plan effectively for them. It is essential that at least five people sign up for a class in order for that class to make. If you desire information concerning the schedule feel free to call the church office. We have a mailing list of individuals who have shown interest in the school and if you would like to be on that mailing list in order to receive information about the classes and their scheduled times of meeting, call or you’re your name and mailing address to us. We will be glad to add your name to it.

    There is a minimal tuition cost of $20.00 for one night and $35.00 for both nights for entire ten-week session. If two people in a family enroll there will be a reduction of $5.00 per night for the second family member. Scholarships are available for worthy persons. Please inquire.